Veteran Business of the Week.

FFO is a brand of patriotic wear for hardcore patriots. Their clothing embodies the core belief that all Americans should:

Celebrate Liberty Honor the Sacrifice Freedom the F*ck On!

Every Purchase made supports the veteran community through designated charities. -Special Operations Warrior Foundation -22 Kill Owned an operated by Jeremy Stephens: 10 year Air Force Veteran serving as 2A572 Helicopter Crew Chief, Michael Carnell: 9 year Marine Corps Veteran serving as a 0351 Anti-tank Assualtman, And their wives.

Thank you for your service!

FFO Enterprises

Veteran Realty Group, founded by Brandon Wong, is a company built by Veterans for Veterans and their families. From the non-profit they partner with to the contractors and vendors they refer, everything they do is in support of the Veteran. Brandon served in the Marine Corps Infantry with Fox 2/23, during his service he was deployed to Ramadi, Iraq from 2008-2009 as part of the Battalion Commanders's personal security detail.

Thank you Brandon for your service!

Veteran Realty Group

GI Construction Management LLC is a 100% Veteran owned and operated full service commercial and residential construction and roofing management company based in Prosper, TX. Their owner, Dustin Pendergrass served honorably in the U.S. Army for 5 years, during his service he was deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

Dustin, thank you for your service!