Meet the Founder

A Message From Our Founder

We Are Texas Veterans LLC. is a family-owned business that was born out of the need to provide exceptional & trustworthy service. In 2015, during the remodel of my own home, I was met with several unsuccessful attempts in working with independent contractors who were unfamiliar with the Veterans Land Board loan process. The endeavor was aggravating, overly complicated and our family was left with an unfinished project.

Through this experience, I was inspired to start my own business that could provide expert remodeling, roofing and real estate services. During the initial business planning stages, I quickly realized that the kind of attributes I wanted on this new team could be found close to home through Veterans. As a third-generation Veteran, I recognize the unparalleled skillset and work ethic that Veterans bring to the table. Not only are their skillsets valuable; they’re grossly underutilized. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics study, there were approximately 370,000 unemployed Veterans in 2017.

By focusing on Veterans for commercial, residential and real estate jobs, my business can put a dent in that number. Through our partnerships with organizations like Accion, Warrior’s Heart and Homeless Veterans Services of Dallas, we can share our profit and support the humanitarian work that impacts thousands of military families.

Navigating the resources for Veterans can be overwhelming. We want to share not only what we offer, but what our community offers as a whole. Whether it is through employment, giving back, networking or the sharing of resources, our goal is to construct better lives for Veterans, military members and their families every day.

Does your organization support Veterans? Let’s connect.

Jason "JP" Hackney (AC1)
United States Navy