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No Man Left Behind

*Approximately 370,000 veterans were unemployed in 2017. We can do better for our veterans. Consider, Veterans bring a unique skill set that stems from serving in strenuous and unforgiving environments. And, due to the increased use of enhanced technology in the military, more veterans are leaving their service with a proficiency for technical jobs than ever before. Presently, careers in STEM are in high demand. Join this movement to support the veterans of North Texas.

Veterans in Business

No Man Left Behind

In 2013, The Small Business Administration (SBA) issued $1.86 billion in loans for 3,094 veteran-owned small businesses in the U.S. TODAY, that number has nearly doubled. It’s clear, veterans are particularly qualified to bring tremendous value to the civilian population across a wide spectrum of industries. In order to continue that positive trend of veteran business contributions, aspiring veterans need access to training in business fundamentals…

We Are Texas Veteras


This website is intended to be a hub to connect users to each other, users to veteran owned businesses, and users to valuable veteran resources. At We Are Texas Veterans, we celebrate service members and their families, tell their stories, and bring attention to what they are doing now. We cherish our veterans everywhere; it’s our mission to serve and uplift those that stood tall to protect us.

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